Boston Princess Parties

Boston Princess Parties - Theme Parties in Boston and throughout New England

Boston Princess Parties, a division of Birthdayworks, is ideal entertainment for a 3 through 10 year old girl’s birthday party in Boston and all over the New England area. Our beautiful actresses portray the enchanting characters right out of your child’s favorite fairytales and conduct parties filled with fun and exciting activities. The princess parties delight the younger children by creating the ultimate ”make believe” atmosphere in celebration of their special day. For the older girls, 7 through 10, we offer a diva party geared perfectly to their more mature interests. Each of the Boston Princess Parties programs is a full agenda of children’s entertainment appropriate for the at home birthday party or other location.

Boston Princess Parties 1 and an 1/4 hour Program

Upon their entrance our charming princesses meet and greet the children and, of course, pay special attention to the birthday girl. They start off the party with a lively session of singing, dancing and games consistent with their character’s theme. They go on to face painting next and create beautiful and fanciful designs for each child. At parties with 12 guests or fewer they will also make balloon sculptures like swans, crowns, hearts and flowers. (For larger parties, extra time is available.) Our Boston princesses will then lead in a high energy photo session, posing in groups and individually with each guest with the parents as photographers. Finally, they lead in the “Happy Birthday” cake ceremony. Our actresses are excellent with the children and are loved wherever they go.

Boston Princess Parties 1 and 1/4 hour Diva Parties

The older girls really enjoy the diva parties. Our actresses arrive dressed as glamorous divas themselves and your daughter and her guests should already be dressed for the party as their favorite pop stars. This Boston Princess Parties program starts off with a make up session which may also include fingernail polishing and upon special request - temporary tattoos. Our divas then lead in disco dancing to the latest music, photo session and the cake ceremony. An exciting and very “cool” time is had by everyone.

Boston Princess Parties available for promotions and events

Birthdayworks will arrange appearances by our lovely princesses and other characters for all kinds of other events such as promotions, fairs, festivals, corporate and private parties. Our charming and beautiful actresses can act as greeters, they can offer specialized activities, or just add local color and grace to any occasion.

Contact Birthdayworks.net for more information about our Boston theme parties.